Spring in New England


We had a brief snow squall over the weekend, and frigid temperatures yesterday and today.  Great light, though.  Really great light!

I am beginning to collect some urban textures for a next project.

Also, I am really looking at roof lines, because as I continue with house quilts, I want to vary the simple triangle roof I have been making for way too long.

It felt good to step out of the very, very crowded orthodontist’s office (door to the far left in drawing above) and pull out some packing paper I had garbage-picked a few weeks back and DRAW.  Which means to LOOK, and SEE.  Shadows, lines, the cold, cold wind — so much better than flipping through an old Redbook (they don’t even get PEOPLE at this orthodontist) in a stuffy room full of other annoyed people.

Tomorrow — the Small Town quilt update…