Quilters Connection 2009 show

"Collective Soul: Study in Lime Green"  by Jane Walsh

"Collective Soul: Study in Lime Green" by Jane Walsh

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be posting some pictures from the QC show that was up over the weekend.  This first picture is of a fairly large quilt — 4.5′ tall perhaps?.  It is a whole cloth piece with surface treatment created by Kumo shibori and some painting.  The colors were yummy.

"Fragments" by Judy Becker

An entire wall was devoted to “Fragments” by Judy Becker.  At least five of these well-crafted quilts sold.  Each piece is (I’m guessing)  10″ square.  They were hung vertically in color-related groups.  Each piece (I think) incorporated a found rusted object, centered below —

Becker, close up

One of the things I love about Judy’s work (besides her beautiful color-sense and well-pieced compositions) is the unique and lovely way she binds the quilt to the wooden frame.

Becker side view

One of my quilts was in “The Black Box” — thankfully NOT in the Mezzanine Classroom, which I have a theory about, but will keep to myself for now — but was so badly lit that I couldn’t really take a decent picture of it.

Close up of "Adam and Eve IV"

It was not a hugely successful quilt, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, but I was being scrupulous about not showing a quilt that had been previously exhibited, and having shown 14 quilts in that very venue the month before, I didn’t think I could pick my favorite of that bunch.  However, I noticed some other entries in the QC show that had taken prizes in other exhibits, so clearly were not making their debut.

More to come!