Milk and Pins and Plans for Easter

The rain stopped and today warmed up beautifully. I spent the day visiting my sister and making up Easter baskets. Tomorrow, I will finish this quilt (a commission from February) and rake the back yard, I hope.

Almost all of the wet towels have been laundered.

Blurry, bleary, soggy — this out-of-focus shot captures the mood of early this week.  Fortunately, it was just a fair amount of seepage and no accumulation.

These were our levees — kitty litter and beach towels.  All my new IKEA dressers are to the right.

Off now to watch the first batch of episodes of Mad Men, Season Three (THAT ought to cheer me up — NOT).  But, my Easter Menu does, and here it is (already shopped for!):

  • Leg of Lamb Roasted with Garlic and Rosemary with Mint Jelly
  • Roasted Potatoes, also with Rosemary
  • Cold Beet Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette
  • Haricots Vert
  • Mushroom and Onion Tart
  • Strawberries and either Madeleines or Lemon Squares (or both).

Yum.  Even if the tart and beets get withheld for another day, it ought to be delicious.   It is good to have things to look forward to!

This is the first year that we won’t be hiding foil-wrapped chocolate eggs all over the house for the boys (WHAT?!! you mean I won’t get to find the occasional sweet bite putting away towels or batteries or sorting out the pencil/marker drawer this fall?!!).  Yes, it means that.  They are growing up, as boys do.