This fragment surfaced during the flood clean up. I had set it aside to reincorporate into a larger piece, but when I saw it again, it looked complete. Added the background grid, some of the up and down stitching over the black and zig-zagged the edges. The wonderful house in black outline and tree came from a pair of Capris.

9 thoughts on “teeny-scenery

  1. deemallon Post author

    try it — it’d be fun. And, making a little landscape with a horizon-line would be so different from the wonderful geometric explorations you’ve been doing, that who knows what it might trigger.

  2. deemallon Post author

    Thank you Lynda and Ginny!

    I refuse to think of the little white swatch with the line-drawn house and tree as “cheater fabric”, as it might be called in quilting circles…. to me, it is a terrific find… more like a heart-shaped rock picked up on the beach (I LOVE finding those!!!), than a cut-along-the-dotted-line project component.


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