June Rain

A disconsolate rain falling.  June rounding the bend.  Summer now.

Experiment – instead of saying to self, “I’m so tired…”, say, “I’m so aware…”  Some days that turns into:  “I’m so aware of being tired”!  But other days, colors pop or I soften, just a tad.

The too much-ness of things – a friend’s poor health, C. getting his license, the tenured paralegal leaving just as a summer schedule was opening with breathing-space.  Rain.

The garden has thrived this year.  Is EVERYTHING because of global warming?  The stress of the weird winter, I heard, has made the plants push into overtime.  Makes sense to me.  The result?  Glorious.  A profusion of iris, sun drops, pansies in all their cheerful displays.

The ‘big quilt’ is progressing.  A batik-splurge in Schenectady this past weekend will help me resolve some of the last problem areas (too much red on the right, not enough swirly patterning mid-bottom).

I love to share in-the-moment pictures on this blog – as if these entries were like food – better by being seasonal and fresh.  But constraints of all kinds have me willing to upload some older shots.  I plan to get the whole sketchbook up eventually.  Here it is, very early on.

For THIS year’s project, I chose the theme – “PATH THROUGH THE WOODS”.

Time to make “literally the best Caesar Salad” (just caught up on this season of Parks n’ Rec) and pasta.  I sure hope the speech about drawing down the troops in Afghanistan doesn’t trump ‘Dancing with the Stars’.