Moon rise

FAITH            by David Whyte

I want to write about faith,
about the way the moon rises
over cold snow, night after night,

faithful even as it fades from fullness,
slowly becoming that last curving and impossible
slither of light before the final darkness.

But I have no faith myself
I refuse it the smallest entry.

Let this then, my small poem,
like a new moon, slender and barely open,
be the first prayer that opens me to faith.

It would perhaps be more appropriate to feature a photo of the new moon , but the point, I believe, has to do with constancy of faith, even as the moon runs through its cycles, so ANY cycle ought to do.

My apologies to David Whyte for incorrect line indentations — I guess I have more research to do on line spacing in wordpress.

NOTE:   deanna7trees  at “eclectic meanderings” connected me to Nancy’s blog “pomegrante trail“, where interestingly Nancy links last night’s moon with this very same poem of David Whyte’s!