Wrapped in mother-love

This LL Bean sweater was my mother’s.  I am using it as my first exercise in Jude Hill‘s Contemporary Boro 2 class.  As a starting point, it has to fit better.  I had already cut the too-long sleeves to wrist-length awhile back.  They’ll need binding.   The shoulders droop unattractively and I want to fix that.  Today I cut the ugly buttons off and unpicked the threads holding in the tags, then created a muslin tag (rubber stamped with coffee pot) and an inner pocket featuring a lion, to reference my very Leonine mother.

I want to add a lower section that will bring the garment below the hip, and also add some weight to it.

Right now, I plan to bring that cocoa-colored Indian trim fabric right down the front, and for the wrists as well.  Not sure what I’ll use for the lower peplum.  Not the beautifully-embroidered indigo shown here, but something else.

And closure is up in the air now, too.

This was the sash I constructed back when I was thinking about running with this idea:

I plan to add thin red ties, so that the ‘waistlit’ as it has been dubbed by deanna, will wrap twice and tie in front, but with narrower ties.