another day, another stitch

Still not used to effect of embroidery on these things.  Not sure I like.

But I love this hand-dyed thread from India.

Made this little thread sketch over the weekend, using colored pencils to make the floral design pop a little more.  Having just heard that Maurice Sendak died, I would love to make a sketch of one of his characters.

This apron was supposed to be for Newton Open Studios, but two things: one, I pricked myself and left a drop of blood on the trim and two, the edging looks too much like sheets from JC Penney.  I AM employing a green sheet there for the edge, but I expected it to look a little transformed.  Instead, my maroon trim made it look MORE like a sheet!

There are several pouches in various stages of finish.

Back to work!!


PS – I had to change the title because it was attracting fabric seller spammers!  Ugh!