What inspires each of us is a mystery.  We are inspired by different things, consistently – haven’t you found this to be true?  One person is intrigued by owls or Africa, another by doorway shapes and picket fences, someone else by the color blue.  These are not trivial inclinations.  They abide and stand at the ready to take us to a deeper and informative place, if we let them.  In that spirit (rather than in the spirit of copyright violation, mind), I share some of my collected images.  If you don’t already have a clip file and scrapbook of some sort or other – I can only ask – why not?!

Why look! It’s the purple sweater that I’m in the process of revamping in Jude Hill’s boro class (image clipped many, many years ago).
Doctored National Geographic image with stunning shapes and textures (above).
This came from a fairly recent fashion magazine.  But the next two (dug out recently from some file or other), are from the 90’s!!
Japanese things of ALL kinds inspire me, but especially textiles…. since at least sixth grade when I wrote a report on the country.  I still remember taping a picture of the flag to the front cover.
African textiles make me crazy with love and admiration. Reading “Indigo – In Search of the Color that Seduced the World” (by Catherine McKinley) right now about a young woman’s odyssey to western African, in search of both her roots and the fabulous indigo cloth.

This picture comes from a library book that is going onto my Amazon wishlist!

Each garment featured (one more unbelievably embellished after another) is drawn out in this way – making the garments seem accessible, and dare I say? Reproducible?!  Not in their finery, perhaps, but in their basic structure, and with some of the same attention to detail.
Lastly, I pinned a pieced panel onto the sweater I am updating to see how it looked this morning.  Couldn’t find the shibori that I want to use for the bottom section, so pinned up a dark, patterned lycra in its place.

Weekend’s over (almost) – whew! – including Open Studios.  All went moderately well.  No need to discuss now when so tired. The important thing, here, is, it’s over and once I rest up and put some things away, I will be able move on and in and deeper toward some things much more satisfying than production and sales.  Thank you local viewers and buyers!!!!!