Elyana with Hoop

Well, she’s done!  And in my shop, here.

Really, having spent some time with this doll, I can tell you she is a bit like a mood ring… reflecting the viewer’s state of mind.  Her expression, while absolutely glued into place, is surprisingly CHANGEABLE!

The hoop she holds is a cast-off piece of osier from a wicker table leg.  It looks like a colonial game piece to me. Her hands are tabs from a pair of my khaki pants.

Even when her  mood strikes you as perplexed or annoyed (some of my reader’s takes, by the way – and right on the money), her checked legs and bright red ‘shoes’ remain cheery.

This shot makes me wonder if she might be a teeny bit vain….

I was about to pull strands of wool out of this hank, when I realized I could position the thing in its entirety on her head, giving her this nice, fat braid!

She has ballast, and so will sit on her own.  I use small clean gravel for this purpose, which means in the hands of a flailing child, she could be dangerous!

Anyway, she makes me happy.

I hope someone else decides that they need her.

And, just as a reminder, here are some shots of her head in progress….