Blue Moon and Rabbit

I finished this quilt this weekend.

It was inspired by spending time under the catalpa tree this summer, dyeing cloth blue, and seeing rabbits feeding both here and in the neighbors’ backyards.  Oh, and the blue moon that occurred on August 31, 2012.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I think the paper doll quality of the tiny garments on the clothes lines gave me a kind of innocent pleasure.  Perhaps I should make some paper dolls?!

I continued my experimentation with layering sheers, removing color with bleach, and using the ‘wrong’ sides of fabrics to achieve a more subtle palette.

The hand stitching is pretty dense and although I wished I had not used any ‘regular’ sewing cotton thread (even a single strand of cotton embroidery floss tugs better), I mostly like it.

The light is definitely changing in these parts.

And I guess since the equinox is not until this weekend, the cold I’ve contracted is officially a summer one.  Off to a hot bath!!