keep looking

It’s so important to keep looking, don’t you think?

1. Refrigeration, 2. Old Drugs, 3. D i n e r, 4. DSC03182-2s – foggy Chicago Street at 3AM on a weekday, 5. Ornament Set Two, 6. bunting flag, 7. Pooped, 8. B&J, 9. Scarf wip, 10. nightmare interrupted feb6b, 11. Bullion Stitch experiment, 12. Neighbours, 13. Needle Felted Yellow Easter Chick- Spring nature table-Soft Sculpture, 14. Vines stitched over paper, 15. The Crows, 16. Freeform Embroidery and Appliqué, 17. M’Liss Floral Medallions on Black with Metallic, 18. Redhills Beech., 19. Abstract Quilt in solids, 20. Barn HDR

What do YOU do when you find yourself getting a little too narrow in your screen-time?
HOW do you notice when your focus is too narrow? 
Do you use a reader? Or a site like Stumble?  Do you burrow down some favored site’s sidebar links? 
I am definitely curious to hear your tricks.
P.S. I am about to pull down today’s earlier post.  It expressed my feelings well and I didn’t mind sharing them, but even though my kids probably reveal TONS of shit about themselves online, I don’t really want to. But, thank you those of you who took the time to comment.