Hair cut, ferns, and deck

20140526-105632.jpgCut my hair on Thursday. Used a small fraction of the beauty salon savings to buy a pair of orange sandals. Wahoo!
Not sure what ‘the guys’ are up to — suffering from allergies, perhaps? Maybe they just don’t like my hair cut.
Yesterday, Ken and I used various utensils to scrape years worth of pollen, dirt, and maple tree droppings out of the cracks of our deck.  Moved grill to ground. This allowed us to slide table over and set out household plants in the corner.

It is so much more inviting!!  All done with intention to sit and relax for some spells this summer. Somehow the last two have not included much of that. Last year, Ken was gone much of June and then — wasn’t it last year? — we had some consecutive weeks of brutal heat.
Of course, there is more work to do. Bit by bit, right?  But, with lots of reading and grilling inbetween!