Puppy love

Meet Finn. Six months old. Half shepherd, half collie. He is soooo sweet!



Three walks a day plus crate training have me a little exhausted. But many collages for the season are being made, thanks in part to a free e course by Cat Caracelo. Here are a few. Most also employ iPhone double imaging.




In these quiet meditations, much needed advice coming to me, as well as a sense of mystery.

The boys arrive home today and the pack will get to know each other!

8 thoughts on “Puppy love

  1. maggros

    “On the ragged edge of the world I’ll roam, and the home of the wolf shall be my home”. (Robert Service). So happy you got a gorgeously good puppy! And, your collage work is just beautiful, They live with a life all their own, delivering message that could be said no other way, each a deep honoring of humans and nature and the mystery of it all… that keeps us searching.

    1. deemallon

      Nice quote, Mags. Never heard of him… it really captures the feel of these meditations.

      I don’t know if I would say ‘gorgeously good’… but he is so sweet and smart enough to be trainable. Package in the mail (finally!!!), today.

    1. deemallon

      Thanks Mo… nothing AT ALL against our former buddy Jack, but it is so so different to be doing this with an exuberantly affectionate animal.

  2. Heather

    I can tell Finn is sweet from the pictures πŸ™‚

    I’ve been enjoying the meditations too … just one solstice collage though πŸ™‚ Love your collage with the hands.

  3. debgorr

    Hooray for puppies but oh my yes a lot of work! P.S. Robert Service was actually one of the first poets I can remember reading. My parents had a copy of one of his books ( he wrote about the Yukon mostly and we lived in Alaska at the time).

  4. Dana

    Your collages are a wonderful evocation of the layering of experience and being. All of the threads running through every moment coalesce from possibility into actuality and then dissolve again, leaving these mysterious traces to help us remember. Happy Solstice!

    Fin is so pretty! A collie/shepard mix should be really good. Congratulations on the expansion of the pack.

    Nice quote from Maggs. The only Robert Service poem I have ever read is “The Cremation of Sam McGee”.


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