Critters listening to the news

It was in the 20’s when I walked Finn this morning. I went back for my hat. I’m tired of the cold. And, I’m just tired. Slept ten hours last night and could barely get out of bed. Not feeling great.

These critters cheer me though. Some are waiting for collaboration for wooden legs (the windowsill crowd). Some are just waiting for me (chicken in the studio). The most recent one (at bottom) is raggier than usual and might signal a trend.

Is she a dog? Is she a mouse? Believe it or not, for a while, she looked like an elk. Whatever she is, have no fear — her hearing is sharp! She’s been catching the news and how could she not, pinned to a board 15 feet from the TV screen? I like to imagine this morning that she is cocking her ear to Adam Schiff. Maybe she’s whispering, “Did you say ‘not circumstantial’? Did I hear you say ‘direct’ — as in direct evidence of collusion?”

If her little legs weren’t indigo dyed strips of loosely hanging vintage organza, she might do a little happy dance.

6 thoughts on “Critters listening to the news

  1. Nancy

    And what a little sweetheart she is! I would love to see her little Happy Dance!! Video please 🙂
    Her tribe is quite the diversity we hope to embrace here, now isn’t it?!

    1. deemallon

      I wish I knew. Certainly would direct me away from the usual ho hum or the usual outrage or the usual comforts.

  2. saskia

    the top image had me smiling straight away, I absolutely LOVE your critters and in my mind’s eye I can see her dancing, actually I can see them all dancing and what a jolly sight that is!


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