10 thoughts on “A plate of goodness 

  1. Jen

    My grandma’s dishes “Friendly Village” – she had them all, down to the salt & pepper shakers! I inherited them and eventually passed them on to a friend who frequently hosts large family dinners so they would be used in the spirit of my grandma.

  2. fabricwoman

    I’m convinced that food tastes better when eaten from my motley collection of vintage plates. Don’t really have room for any more dishes in the cupboard, but I can’t seem to stop bringing home the occasional ‘orphan’ found while junking. I like things with a history…

    1. deemallon

      I know what you mean about those orphans! My shelves are chock-full too but if I see a piece of transferware in good shape, I nab it. Doesn’t have to match a single other thing I own!


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