In one week?

A peace boat sailed in from the west coast and the capable hands of Hazel (“handstories” – sidebar). The sail is made of cloth Liz dyed (“imgoingtotexas” sidebar) and sweetly acknowledged the peacemaking of the Hearts for Charleston quilt. Both Liz and Hazel contributed beautiful squares to that effort. 

I just love Hazel’s story cloths. This one has a dimensional vessel packed with treasure — be sure to look closely. And those stars – what can I say? They make me smile. 

Ken was in Russia. I had my stress test (aced it but need one more test just to double triple check).

Tracked down a cloth moth nest in a wicker hamper. That took DAYs of detective work. Visited my sister in rehab a half a dozen times (also ran late night interference re: meds). She’s going home tomorrow. 

In trying to track down the moths, I got carried away and stripped off warped and moldy wall paper off of D’s old walls. 

Writing class got going again and fall officially arrived. It was an intense week and I got sidetracked. Which seems to happen often just when I think I might turn into a regular blogger. Oy. 

8 thoughts on “In one week?

  1. Tina Zaffiro

    Love the story cloths … cloth moths not so much. Do you suddenly find little moths flying around? I will Google this before going to bed this evening.

    1. deemallon

      I stowed some yarn in an old suitcase downstairs and forgot about it. When I opened it midsummer, I think, a cloud of little moths rose up. I cleaned it out, threw out the yarn, but then every once in a while, I’d see one of the buggers upstairs. I knew there had to be another nest. They were in another closed container with yarn. I threw all that out, too. I hope that’s the end of it. The little traps have caught a couple more since, but I haven’t seen any flitting around.

  2. Michelle in NYC

    Regular? Oh my goodness, you are the most regular, and you have two blogs plus face book !!!
    What a great week and what wonderful cloths. The stars are very cheerful like a dance troop having a party :—>


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