A wet, windy, and need I say? — brief — walk.

But compare how Finn looks when there’s a slice of cheese held up to the phone.

The beech trunk is dark with rain. Heat wooshes from the grate (temps are in the 30’s) and waggles a cloth pinned to the back door. I have a zero point lunch planned (some of you will know what that means) and the heating pad set up near the laptop.

I’m so glad K isn’t going anywhere this week!

14 thoughts on “Spring?

    1. deemallon Post author

      I feel so bad for the runners today. They are equipping medical tents to deal with hypothermia!

      The top cloth was a gift to K from Chinese clients. The lower cloth is one of those rayon sari like cloths from Indonesia.

  1. tina

    It is still snowing here … perfect weather for doing some finishing touches on the basement. Problem is I have been sick with headache chest congestion .. lots and lots of coughing. Yuck .. yuck but have been spending a great deal of time reading. Just finished Fates and Furies by Lauren Geoff.. loved it. Now on to Home Going by Yaa Gyasi. Love the double quilts …

    1. deemallon Post author

      Sorry you’re sick! Hope taking some quiet time to read speeds your recovery… I’ve read quite a bit about Homegoing but had to look up Fates and Furies just now. Looks amazing. I find the Natl Book award winners and finalists to be pretty reliably good books (more so than the Pulitzer). Be well!!

  2. Mo Crow

    strange days indeed, after the hottest April day ever & bushfires raging on the outskirts of the city we are starting to get some crisper autumn air down here

  3. ravenandsparrow

    Finn has the cutest eyebrows…I love black and tan coloring in dogs. I also like the way the hill (?) in the first quilt echos the angle of the roof in the second. The two pieces look great together.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Fin is so darned cute —I agree ! (Now if only he acted cute when people came to the door). The two yellow pieces were created to be together.

  4. Michelle Skater

    FINALLY a few moments for my favorite bloggers like YOU and a great loving greeting for Finn the canine of incredible expressions, and you, and your family and the gorgeous gifts. Spring? Probably. After drenching rain and one huge thunderous clap that made me jump, sun and temperatures in the fifties but I’m keeping my Winter coat close at hand. On Friday and Saturday it was heaven here and I made a trip to the early stages of the Conservatory Garden. Sending a little more love to add in to your surfeit of it.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks Michelle. Glad you got those two days. I did a fair amount of raking last week — some even without a down vest. But man is it blowing and cold here today!


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