6,000+ feet

Because it’s day four and not day one, we are not huffing and puffing (of course, I’m sitting on a lichen covered rock in the shade of a row of pines typing at the moment). Chickadees. Prickly pear. Arrays of grasses. Red rocks. People walking or jogging by. It’s cooler today. We can see the Flat Irons. The blue of the sky is a kind of blessing.

10 thoughts on “6,000+ feet

  1. it's me -ml

    ..if i knew you were commin’ would’ve baked you a cake!!
    Dear Dee, watch out for the sun (remember it’s closer!) …and the heat (it can suddenly catch-up to you, knock you over!) and the smoke! Ingest water!! (love what you’re doing w/photos) X ml

    1. deemallon Post author

      Truly. Just getting out of town was good for my soul and then looking at these landscapes? Something else!


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