Design concept

Acey’s recent invitation to think about a design concept has me thinking about complementary colors.

Looking for the orange to partner with the blue, the red for the green. Otherwise, at the midpoint in Acey’s collage month* I am mostly focusing on adhering collages into my sketchbook.

Not loving it. Double stick tape is unforgiving and for some reason the glue stick isn’t effective enough to counter the curl of the bound pages.

I am used to color copying oversized collages. The result is shiny, smooth, elegant, and if I shrink the scale, crisp. I’ve tried color printing here at home with mixed results.

I’m feeling constrained about making more paper when I have so much and also don’t want to shell out the dough.

So I think this is going to be a time when I start experimenting with wet finishes. Gesso, shiny and matt. Watercolor. Because I’ve been making a thorough digital record, I feel free to ruin the paper — which is good because I probably will.

I’m open to pulling the book apart in the end and applying stitch. Already, I’m doing so here and there.

After listening to the podcast mentioned on Grace’s blog yesterday, I’m thinking about regenerative design. I’m not yet sure what the term even means, but much has been stirred up.

(Future Primitive podcast with Daniel Christian Wahl).

For instance, I’m sitting with Wahl’s idea that it would be better to start connecting permaculture and sustainability leaders, shamans, and forward thinkers to young people on the climate crisis front than to merely have the young warriors communicate panic in service of change. That’s so much more hopeful than refilling the death knell.


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