Clippings, ripping, and coronavirus

Last weekend I found another cache of images collected by my sister, small enough to save. There was the usual pile of cut up Kleenex boxes, too. Because this might be the last of them, I kept a few for the same reason she so industriously cut and collected them — as sturdy bases for future collage. I think the activity made her feel useful and maybe even, hopeful. But the number of times I opened a bag or box to find another stack of cardboard cut outs might amaze you. It stunned me, even knowing her habits.

Here, I combined a Noreen-clipped face (sleeping dark man) with a ripped up page from Collage Month (below).

The magazine page in the Collage Book didn’t lie flat so I scored the bubbles open and then, using the beautiful pens given to me by Ginny (thank you, Cousin!), applied a matte finish. It didn’t help.

So I ripped it up. This torn remnant interests me. And the rearranged strips do, too.

I’m gonna sew them together. But not today. The upstairs machine is threaded with pink and I want black. The pink stays to finish constructing C’s quilt.

In other news, K has a terrible cold which based on not much (belligerent denial?), he insists is not corona virus. He made three trips to China since the outbreak. His entire office is sick. But hey, I’m hysterical.

Have I said too much?

He’s probably right. But get this. We are a couple that delays and waits and discusses and delays and waits some more before getting a trip on the calendar. I don’t know why. That’s why it was somewhat amazing when we recently finalized a trip to Italy with little fanfare. Airline miles applied – BAM. Two Airbnb’s reserved — BAM.

Ah, now the rub.

Guess what European nation ranks third worldwide in corona virus cases? Guess what country now ranks having a big red dot on the Johns Hopkins tracking map? Is undergoing an outbreak bad enough for several cities to cancel school, shut down trains, and cancel big events?

Well, Italy of course.

In Milan, Ralph Lauren’s models walked the runway in an empty room. The Carnival in Venice has been cancelled. Trains going over the northern border are being stopped, temperatures taken. Between last night and this morning, 50 new cases erupted.

So, Savannah, anyone? Montgomery?

19 thoughts on “Clippings, ripping, and coronavirus

  1. Nancy

    Oh my. Italy on the morning news as I read this. The most cases outside of China. Yikes. I hope K has been to the doctor, just to be sure.
    The amount of cool images you and your sister have gathered is alway fun to see.
    Can’t wait to see more of the big quilt. I wish I had a place to leave my machine set up. Oh well. Have a good Monday, looks cold there!

    1. deemallon

      It’s sunny but I wore long down coat and scarf for dog walk. Pretty blue sky. I just called K’s doctor. The nurse is gonna call back. South Korea is actually second to China. Italy third.

  2. ravenandsparrow

    It feels strange to see this corona virus blossom out around the world….the long predicted pandemic? It is sort of like watching the videos of Japan’s tsunami where the water just kept expanding and expanding relentlessly. K’s frequent trips to China would make me very suspicious of his cold. Are you catching it? Best wishes for his quick recovery and your escape.

    Noreen’s remnants are so compelling. She certainly had an eye. Your process of construction and deconstruction is inspiring. I don’t do enough destruction in my work.

    1. deemallon

      Hi Dana. I read some about the virus yesterday and there are experts who believe we should be using the “p” word already. So far I’m fine, although the infection in my eye is taking its time going away.

  3. Saskia van Herwaarden

    the bog man reminded me of the one I saw in moesgaard museum in denmark…I just googled him to check, nope not him, yours looks much more at peace with himself…
    I understand your worries over K, I would be as well, I worry over the slightest nothings….not that corona’s nothing……hope you two are okay…bummer news re your italy trip, to go or not to go?
    does one enter the lion’s den? tough decision Dee
    we were watching the news just before going to bed (where I’m typing now) and it seems corona is getting closer by the day….although this does not worry me for reasons I cannot fathom, but I did think: I wouldn’t plan a holiday there just now.

    1. deemallon

      Hi Saskia. Deb Lacativa thought this might be one of the murdered Bog Men but I couldn’t find his face in a quick image search. But probably dead and not sleeping!

      We were told since by the doctor office
      Nurse that since it’s been almost two months since K was in China, he shouldn’t worry. (There are guys in his office who were there most recently but they were quarantined for two weeks and none got sick).

      But Italy is another matter.

    2. katknit

      We are sticking close to home for the duration. Sending best wishes to K and Dee. The world does seem turned upside down these past few years…..

  4. Michelle Slater

    THE TELL FOR THE VIRUS RATHER THAN A COLD OR THE FLU IS TEMPERATURE, Sorry…just realized I was stuck in caps, So, may all be well with you but do consider a different trip if you can.

    1. deemallon

      I doubt we’ll go to Italy. K HAS had a fever but says he often does with a cold. Anyway, the nurse said since it’s been three months since he was in China, not to worry about it.

      Oops. It’s ONe MONTH, not three.

  5. Liz A

    de-struction, con-struction … structuring … how you move pieces around fascinates me every bit as much as the end product when you pin it all down (or glue it all, as the case may be) … here’s to more ripping and re-vision!

    as for travel, my main concern these days would be the airplanes themselves, wherever they might go … those enclosed spaces with their endlessly looping streams of air carrying god-only-knows-what … ugh!

    1. deemallon

      I read an article about pandemics and one thing is clear: we need to get comfortable wearing masks in public transportation. He also said: try to touch your face less, even going so far as to suggest that a face-touching-app should be developed (of the Steps counting variety).

      1. Liz A

        I went to the eye doctor today and when the usual hand was extended at the end, I awkwardly declined (mostly because I’m getting over a cold and didn’t want to pass it on) … only later did it hit me that the doctor is of Asian descent, so now I’m obsessing that I appeared to be xenophobic (Don said I’m overthinking it).

        But it does seem like medical practitioners should actually be leading by example, not offering to shake hands and explaining why so patients will likewise decline in their own lives.

  6. Tina

    I do wish you could go on your trip .. sound so great. My sister is leaving for 6 weeks of travel to Europe. She travels often but says this is the first time she’s really nervous. Scary times for so many reasons. Will watch the debates tonight with high hopes but more and more I worry what will happen come November.

    1. deemallon

      I hope your sister wears a mask while on the plane. Italy’s exploding but from what I’ve read it’ll be quite some time before the virus stops spreading.

      I’ll be watching the debates, too. Wish I drank.

  7. Joanne

    Drive up to Maine. You’ll have contact with absolutely no one. Yes the fever is the big thing. PBS had interview with tourists in Milan and everything closed. And they will need to get in a plane. Go home.

    You have one of the men in denial types I have the other- always thinking he is I’ll.


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