Walk in the woods

Took a walk in the woods. Usually on a Sunday, I stay behind. K knew the paths really well and I thought: must do this more often.

I have my Fitbit back on. Gonna set little goals. Did 8 minutes on stationary bike yesterday (hey! I said little goals). My legs hurt.

It was cold today. Even so, at the suggestion of my neighbor, a bunch of us met at the curb for a “cocktail hour.”

Some folks I hadn’t talked to in a couple of seasons. A silver lining.

Cuomo has asked for federal government help in setting up temporary hospitals, including at Stony Brook in Long Island. My brother won’t have another shift there for more than a month.

There were 11 other people on the plane from NY to LA and, given that the NY airports were shuttered earlier in the day, my brother was glad to get a seat.

I figured out how to borrow books from my library on kindle. Hurrah! Even though I have lots of unread books in the house, this makes me feel good.

I’m an hour into “Shelter in Place,” by Norah Roberts. After “Lost Children Archive,” I wanted a fast read. More about that later, maybe.

Hope you all had manageable weekends! Heigh ho. On to another week!