More cold. More rain.

Added a skirt. Going to put some more yellow at the bottom of the woven strips. The seam line lands in an awkward spot on me. Hope it works better on someone else!

Going to turn the neck under with a hand stitch or add a bias tape binding (if I have any left. Turned a few old packs into ties for masks).

No sleeves.

This mask makes 60. For a neighbor who is a pediatrician. If I were a kid, I’d love seeing that frog on my doctor’s face.

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  1. snicklefritzin43


    My daily structure during this home confinement has been my opportunity to write more letters, on paper, and mail….using far less electronic connecting feels freeing and my journal pages reflect this huge shift. I read your posts with delight – read about posts from 15 folks – that is enough computer time with my now ordering all groceries online and using technology for medical appointments. The studio and garden see my face and hands much more often than before, especially as the planting and weeding has raised to a high frequency with some warm days without rain or snow. Today, planting a plum tree that will be seen leafing, blooming and fruiting from my sitting room window to remind me of my creative, literate, musical brother who passed two weeks ago after experiencing a PEA arrest. No family was able to be at the hospital in Kirkland, WA because of the pandemic issues and my local Friends Meeting gave me a gift certificate to a local nursery who delivered the tree yesterday. It is a good six feet tall and we should see leaves in a couple of weeks…always I will remember Rolf as I sit in my special chair for knitting and handwork and look out to see which birds are visiting the yard each day. Three blocks south of the Clark Fork River I have a steady tourist show of visitors in spring and fall..the songs and colors are such a delight to me.
    Love the dress you are creating…ever since learning Jude’s fabric weaving process in a class several years ago that has been one of my favored go to techniques to use…used it for the background in the bit I created for the piece for the church with you. Friendship rolls along with sweet, challenging, happy, sad and wonderfully uplifting events in the lives of the friends woven into my life through the world of creating and writing. Life is very good…76 is a great year for me.
    Keep writing the good stuff! I love the thread you send out to keep us connected.

    1. deemallon

      Kristin I’ve read this comment a couple of times now, it is so packed. First, I am so sorry about your brother. It speaks to the community that you’ve built that that gift certificate came to you. A tree is truly a wonderful way to commemorate someone and I imagine each spring as it comes to life, you’ll remember Rolf.

      Your new routines speak to this overarching questions I think a lot of us have right now: what is worth keeping about this time and about my former life and what really should be jettisoned? Less screen time sounds really good to me.

      Again, so sorry about your brother. So sorry he had to die without family near.


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