So the backyard project took days longer than promised and it’s still not done but what’s in place now is officially amazing. My guess is that the delays would have been utterly unremarkable if we’d hired more help over the years. In fact, over the back fence, my frequent-help-hiring neighbor said, “So some things haven’t changed.”

Maybe the delays would’ve been unremarkable, too, if I wasn’t also waiting for feedback on my first draft.

Waiting for the tax decision by the Supreme Court (coming tomorrow, Thursday). Waiting to hear more from Mary Trump’s book.

And then underlying everything — the biggest waiting of all, with the highest stakes at play, waiting for this national nightmare to be over. For the giant turd that is trump to exit office. The suspense over how pervasively and with what ingenuity he will cheat is really, really hard to take.

War and martial law do not seem at all out of the realm of possibilities, given his psychopathology.

Wondering if perhaps, as some think, his dementia will take him down first. Then what? Ive been watching the documentation of his symptoms on Twitter with an eagerness that is not pretty.

Tomorrow: steam of consciousness prose. I’ll bet you can hardly wait!