Cake, pies, and dirt

The chocolate cake turned out “stodgy,” as they would say on The Great British Baking Show. Dense, chewy and close to inedible, in other words. When Paul Hollywood calls a dessert stodgy, he doesn’t spit it out (the ultimate condemnation), but close. Picture a wrinkled nose and a look of pity.

We will consume it. If you pretend it’s a tort, it kind of works. Ice cream makes it tastier.

I hope my annual currant pie turns out better.

Meanwhile, the heat makes moving dirt a brutal chore. I asked the patio guys to leave us two large piles because I just couldn’t bear to see them haul it away. It keeps K up at night, but I plan to go at it, bucket by bucket.

An old pin cherry root will be installed out back. It’s been tipped over and neglected in the lilies of the valley. Now it will get pride of place. Guardian of the shade!

A nasturtium blooms. My hydrangea are reluctant to grow and half the tomatoes I bought as seedlings haven’t changed at all in four weeks. It reminds me of being twelve when I fervently wished (and wished harder) that I would keep growing. Hallelujah little orange flower!

And speaking of growth, that Rose of Sharon was nearly destroyed by rabbits last year and just look at it!

Lastly, I’m feeling that blogging is both a life line and something that could fall away nearly without notice. How can it be both things?

It occurs to me that a normal summer would have included weeks of travel, weeks when blogging did fall away, in other words. There would have been a coming back. Maybe there was something in that formula?

Just wondering.

17 thoughts on “Cake, pies, and dirt

  1. Deborah Lacativa

    Those are currants? My sisters and I used to strip handfuls off the bush that grew on the neighbor’s property and mash them into each other’s hair or face, then scream “YOU’RE BLEEDING”. I still can’t imagine what could have made that cake go so wrong. Does flour get old? Have you thought about a couple of small raised beds for all that dirt?

    1. deemallon Post author

      I don’t know what went wrong with the cake. I didn’t forget the leavening. I may have overcooked it. They said 20 minutes. No way.

      The problem with the dirt is not where to put it. It’s having the energy to move it.

      PS We’re re-watching the first three episodes of Perry Mason now.

  2. Tina

    I feel like we should rewatch Perry Mason from the start .. I feel so confused.
    As far as blogging the right answer will find you .. the are crazy times. You’ll be happy you saved the dirt .. and you’re right one bucket at a time will get it done.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks for the encouraging words, Tina! Second time viewing of Perry Mason is sooooo helpful.

  3. Acey

    Am always ambivalent about blogging. Also feel like the air quality’s been really unhealthy of late and that factor always seems to make the heat level more intense. Lots of road work here as well – trucks, noise, dust. yuck.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Try hank you Michelle. And you are one of the only reasons that I dash into FB. See what you’re up to. Photos from your window. On the streets. Words of wisdom.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I may leave them for the birds this year. Not in the mood to bake right now after that cake.

  4. ravenandsparrow

    I have been grateful for your blog too, Dee, since you have been posting pretty frequently. I have been noticing a sense of low energy in myself and others that I follow. It might have something to do with summer heat (which everyone but the Pacific Northwest is embroiled in right now) or the Covid-related lack of interpersonal exchange that boosts one’s thoughts and motivates actions. I can’t tell what is causing it, but I will try to overcome my inertia and do my part.
    Take a vacation if you need one, but be sure to come back.

    1. deemallon Post author

      The rhythm of editing will force some sort of break here. As it should. I always look forward to your posts. The weird COVID-isolation is something I hadn’t considered relative to blogging and of course should.


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