A slight shift

I slid my chair over to the window. I’d started to feel shoved back in the corner in a messy sort of way. Shit kept falling onto the floor. Pens rolling off bookcase. Tarot cards landing in the waste basket.

For now being closer to the light and away from the corner feels so much better. Manuscript on laptop. Email open to editor’s comments on iPad. She’s good on both minutiae and big picture stuff and has been through two thirds of the novel already. Says she “loves my book.” Lots to do tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

It’s a good thing K was not on the phone with clients when I came stomping and hollering through the kitchen: SHE SAYS SHE LOVES MY BOOK!

I had dinner outside with two friends across town on Friday and we walked over to the Charles River.

Lots going on with dirt and slates and watering and planting, too. With rest and water breaks. It was 95+ here today.