The wish for sanity — a rant of sorts

“… doomed to let every worry, spite, irritation, and obsession scratch and claw.”*

Would it be better to be shrink-wrapped, immune, ears plugged and mouths gagged? There is no avoiding the horror. The giant gaps in credibility, the rush to the bottom so wickedly speedy that we don’t know whether to scream with eyes open or moan with eyes covered, either way bracing for impact. Waiting for truth and decency to take over. Waiting to kick the world’s trashiest family out of our house.

Sleep dips and pauses for no real reason and for all reasons, insomnia so common these days as to be cliche. HELP says one to the other. RESIST shouts one young person, standing tall, until she is felled by a baton, squirted with pepper spray. It doesn’t matter how peaceful she was, how far away curfew’s start was, they wanted to take her down, to leave her bruised and with an arrest record. Good god — can we at least defund that?

We all have our fantasies, some chimerical, others ghoulish. Could they ever come to pass? A pasty-faced former president being perp-walked out of the White House is my favorite. No time to apply his pumpkin oils and powders. He stumbles. Maybe he falls.

The wish for sanity. The deep longing for science. The impatience for the lunatics to go back underground or at least, to cluster in dumb pods along the margins.

There’s nothing to go back to, because before was racist, corrupt and largely diseased by one Southerner refusing to do his job. Who called the Senate the most expensive lunch club in the country? I long for the day when we get to call those who defy the Constitution and who spit in the faces of their constituents what they really are. Not obstructionists (though they are that too). Certainly not patriots (what an inside-out job that propaganda is!). No. Those who corrupt everything they touch and warp rules or abandon them wholesale all in service of whoring for power are simply TRAITORS.

And now it’s a lunch club ravaged by stupidity — anti-science stupidity, selfish stupidity, stupidity wrapped up in an American flag. The virus spreading like the contagious virus it is and has been all along. A crisis wholly of their own making at this point.

“Are you fucking filming me again?” screeches Kellyanne to her tiktok’ing fifteen year old daughter — perhaps the only genuine speech we’ve heard from that particular propagandist, or is this, too, somehow staged? “Claudia’s gone ganster,” tweets an observer. “We have to protect her.” Why did they wait two days after her mother tested positive to test the girl?

Who refuses to do contact tracing, or worse even, refuses help from the CDC to do contract tracing? Monsters, that’s who. The GOP as a death cult more credible than ever.

In less than one month: the election. Already people are voting. Two hour lines in South Carolina on the first day, something never seen before. Requests for mail-in ballots in Florida show Democrats outpacing Republicans to a significant degree and to a landslide degree if all independents are going Blue. Search and bookmark the good news, for sanity’s sake.

“Covita” one clever observer called the disgusting balcony moment — a dictator’s dream, showing off his mighty conquest of disease, except it didn’t work, #GaspingforAir trending within the hour. He took his mask off this time for all the usual flagrantly stupid reasons, but also because clearly he couldn’t breathe. The man was struggling to breathe.

Walter Reed’s reputation in tatters goes to show another new and terrible cliche — you know the one — everything trump touches turns to shit. The dissembling medical press conference. White coats worn like costumes. HIPAA rules selectively applied. And what about how the misspeak required a correction and the correction required a walk back even though all statements were read off a piece of paper?

And then there’s the very real possibility that our reality star president chose the so-called doctor (an osteopath, by the way) for his good looks and his name — Dr. Sean Conley reminding Dipshit in Chief of that ultrasuave 007, Sean Connery. Don’t laugh. The man is that superficial, that lacking in substance.

Meanwhile, experts read the cocktail of medications for what they are — meds for someone suffering from Covid-pneumonia. How stupid do they think we are? Did they install a ventilator and hire a crew of respiratory therapists and a pulmonologist during trump’s absence? Because that man is NOT WELL.

Meanwhile a cowboy-hatted man named Abbott removes ballot drop boxes like a cartoon villain, leaving one county the size of Rhode Island with only one. One drop box. If it weren’t for Covid, cotillions of blue state activists would be flying in and driving ballots to the single box in rented cars, but Covid keeps us home, keeps us abiding by measures designed to keep us alive. Alive. Alive. (Enter: LeBron James!)

Dear Lord, don’t let this loathsome toad’s death create as much chaos as his life has! Let him live, say, til November 11 (how ironic) — when the results, a landslide, will be readily visible in the rear view mirror. Then okay. Let him stop breathing. His death then would spare us the worry about who he and Jared were selling state secrets to. Does he think we’ve forgotten his $420 million debt? We’d be spared. We’d be spared. Imagine being spared instead of relentlessly jabbed by the poison-tipped spear that is this administration. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine.

*From the Diary of Virginia Woolf

29 thoughts on “The wish for sanity — a rant of sorts

    1. Laura R

      You captured the thoughts that swirl in my mind, and organized them. Thank you. I enjoyed Joanne’s reply immensely!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks Mo. Your former state of North Carolina is what’s called a triple play. It’s possible the house reps, the senate, and the governorship will all go or remain blue. This would be excellent news for the census, which impacts election results for the next ten years.

      (Or is North Carolina just where you used to gather?)

      Anyway, prayers appreciated. The results, of course, matter the world over.

      1. Mo Crow

        North Carolina is where three of my brothers ended up for work, Ralph is in Wilmington, Mike in Cary, Paul in Boone so my mother moved to Cary to be near Mike and Debbie and the middle brother Charlie lives in Cincinnati, they all vote Democrat.

        1. deemallon Post author

          Do any of them live in Cumberland county? Because there’s a great woman running for a house seat there named Frances Jackson. Friends of mine are campaigning for her, getting her name out, with the hopes that people with them vote blue all the way up the ballot.

  1. Anita

    I agree with . every word you have written here I’m praying that our whole country gets smart and votes for Biden/Harris. They might not be everyone’s “Dream Team” but they are our salvation.

  2. Acey

    as always am impressed with the lucidity and congruent ‘string theory’ approach to your rants. That tik tok video. It disturbed me deeply on so many levels.

  3. Marti

    My city of Rio Rancho, New Mexico is 49% white, 43% Hispanic, 3% African American, 2 % Native American and early voting has started…so far since yesterday, the numbers of voters has been unprecedented…lining up early at the county clerk’s offices. Due to the vulnerability in our household to Covid-19, we are voting via absentee ballot which should arrive this week. 24% of New Mexican voters, 321,000 have requested absentee ballots.

    We in Rio Rancho know what it is like to have a virus in the air because it happened a few years ago when the Great Evil came to our city to hold a rally. On that day, I smudged my neighborhood and that smoke, finally, finally, is taking hold…

    See Michelle Obama said, “Vote for Biden as if your life depends on it” (because it does) and Barack Obama said years ago, “Yes We Can” Or as I like to say it in Spanish, “Si Se Puede” and my gut, heart and soul tell me that we can, we must and we will do it this time…

  4. Angie Shipley

    Y.E.S.!!! Your best post, yet (IMHO)! I’m counting the days until October 14, 2020 when I can vote early in my county—and, yes, I will risk it all to vote at a polling station.

      1. Laura R

        NYT, WAPO, anywhere. Some well-known papers are publishing opinion pieces by thoughtful citizens. You are a great writer.

  5. Nancy

    This list so endless, so horrific we could never recall and include it all…it would be a very big book if one page each for each inflicted pain, each lie, each absurdity, each tortured twist and tweak of the law, each platform of gathering even more of these scoundrels – another layer in their wicked house of cards…
    May it fall, may they fall, may we rise.
    I can always come here to trust the truth of your rants. You are my ranting pro!
    Tonight, stomach in knots, news of the DOJ fresh, again, on my mind…knowing the debate will unnerve me, but also knowing I must watch. How on earth can anyone still be undecided?

    1. deemallon Post author

      Indeed. Undecided? How? Seriously? Barr is determined to throw a grenade this month. Maybe he’s sick, though. It’s awful to wish for that. But better to wish for one man’s illness than the welcome the extinguishment of our democratic republic.

      May we rise! Yes.

  6. Rose

    Thanks, Dee, I’ve come over all Churchillian! Never, never, never give up! The world is quietly watching, holding it’s breath, sending you all strength. Light up the US again!

  7. ravenandsparrow

    You always articulate my thoughts so clearly. Yes, yes, and yes. I am waiting for my ballot to arrive in the mail. Our state has voted by mail exclusively for over a decade with no fraud. It works great. The lies about mail-in voting from our hysterical propagandists just make me tired. Their desperate ploys to hold onto power are so obvious. I loved the October 4 tweet by Anand Giridharadas:

    “He hosted a super-spreader event to honor a justice who would have the government control your body but refuse the duty to care for it, and when the virus he helped go around came around, he availed himself of the healthcare he would deny others, financed by the taxes he refuses to pay.”

  8. Marti

    Absentee ballot arrived today, was filled out and taken to post office today Oct. 8th, 2020. Feel secure to be mailing it here in New Mexico.
    As I walked back to the car, did a little dance and the words to an old song, rolled into my head…dedicated to the evil in the White House:
    “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye!”


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