The bliss of running errands

I picked up one cauliflower, rejected it, lifted another. It fit in the palm of my hand, on the cute side of small.

Tomatoes worthy of the name! Radishes to die for.

The serendipitous meal planned. You know the kind — when you see some particularly appealing pile of eggplant or bok choy and design a meal around it? Today it was poblano peppers. I bought three. And marscapone cheese.

But they did not have pansies at the adjacent greenhouse. Damn! It was the whole motivating force behind running the errand. Ever since I got my second shot a month ago, I’ve had pansies in the brain.

That’s okay. I went for deep purple and bright pink petunias, some elephant-eared begonia, pink and white snap dragons. A few more bags of dirt. We are supposed to have glorious weather all week.

For what it’s worth: Needham, Mass farm store: every single shopper and clerk wore a mask. Newton, Mass CVS: every single clerk and shopper wore a mask. I did not wear a mask to walk Finn this morning for the first time in a dog’s age (ha ha) but I did while shopping.