Almost October

A little tired and a little discouraged today and I don’t know why.

The business of selling? I’ve been clearing space to shoot photos, compiling stuff that might be sale-worthy, learning how to do this or that online, reviving my Etsy store. Really getting into it. It takes a lot of time. And, historically, it’s not really paid off.

Some store announcement, eh?

I’ve started populating two new Instagram accounts, both devoted to selling. Finished work will be posted to @deemallonquilts.

Supplies of all kinds and vintage notions and bibs and babs will be posted in another account : @fabricforsaleetc

Thank you to those of you who have already followed me there!

The brinkmanship in Washington is also wearying. That might be the sum total of this sag in energy, really. The GOP’s complete and utter lack of interest in governance or the good of the country just astounds me. Seriously baffling. What does Mitch McConnell get out of this, I keep asking myself. He doesn’t need money. He has power, power enough anyway. It’s all so vindictive and hypocritical and destructive and we could call him a petty tyrant and move on if he weren’t toying with all our futures.

There! Yes! That’s absolutely what’s exhausting me.

Pumpkin seeds sautéed in olive oil with cayenne: divine on butternut squash soup. From Globe’s Sunday magazine section