The gloaming

This photo came from the drafts file. The title was The gloaming of a lame duck November. 11/18/2020. Nearly one year ago. Doesn’t it feel longer like maybe a century? Isn’t it more than a little disappointing how tense and frightening the state of affairs remains?

In other cheery news, I made an etsy sale yesterday and cleared $2.50. The postage killed me.

Stuffed into a 4″x6″ envelope, this pile of metal bibs and bobs cost $6.83 to ship to the west coast. I charged $3.50.

One way is to think about this is that I am a fool. Another way: I just made $2.50 for stuff I picked up on the street AND I got rid of some studio clutter.

Now, I’m letting the app calculate the postage. And I’ll raise some prices.


I’ve been tired. Can’t blame it all on travel because I was tired in LA, too. It was great to be there, don’t get me wrong, to see the progress, relax together, to have a meal with one of our boys, to see another whole section of the city (Echo Park). It’s just: I was tired.

I glued up this collage the day after returning home. Global warming is on all our minds as Biden heads to Glasgow for the G20 and the details of the BBB bill get hammered out.

This digital mash up includes a snow-scene quilt and this week’s Paris Collage prompt. Not happy with it yet.

It’s a banner year for walnuts. Some mornings it’s like artillery out there. Passing cars add their percussion — pop, pop, pop — as they crush the nuts in the street.

Today I will: write postcards to voters and finish binding two old abstract landscapes.

12 thoughts on “The gloaming

  1. RainSluice

    nice trash pics, must say. I’m gloaming with you. As much as I try to stay positive and really don’t feel like I’m suffering personally. I await the truth that is hidden by whom? for whom? We know who will continue to suffer the least: the greed-stricken top of the heap who care not a whit for the minimal health of the rest of all creation. So, where will the lines be drawn this time?

    1. deemallon Post author

      Well at least this morning I learned that probably the reasons CNN and MSNBC weren’t running the Rolling Stone article about 1/6 was that they couldn’t verify it. Twitter up in arms about another article by same journalist that was easily discredited (about people asking Pelosi to leave a meeting when she left to attend a funeral). I am very tentatively optimistic. But not if we don’t pass voting legislation.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Just unfucking believable. Course I already knew we can’t manage Australia. I sent a quilt there within the last year and it never arrived. Where did it go? I had to refund the buyer’s money, which means I was out the quilt and the expense of shipping to Australia.

  2. Nancy

    Wow that USPS link!!! Dee~ I think the state of affairs … going on so long, no end date, covering every possible arena…a giant void & no trust to be found. That is bound to exhaust anyone who pays attention. Add to that, being with people who DON’T pay attention…a layer on the heap. On a smiling note, love seeing all of the walnuts and the memories of them up my driveway, back at the last place…the loudness of the pop under my tires, using them to dye cloth, finding one that had begun to sprout and planting it. 🙂

    1. deemallon Post author

      That car-nut-pop is sooo distinctive, isn’t it? The no end in sight part of this National moment is hard to take. At least (and it’s no small thing),
      it looks like the Dems will pass two infrastructure bills next week.


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