A Busy Week

Even by pre-Covid standards, this was a busy week — nothing like a busy week of ten or fifteen years ago, mind, but busy for these days.

There were two classes, two other scheduled calls, a dentist appointment, a couch delivery, and the delivery of a big batch of edits. Below is a screen shot showing how many chapters have been deleted or drastically shortened. Mostly deleted.

The only one I’m attached to is Love’s Quarry and so I may find another way to publish it.

The couch is a whole story on its own. Let’s just say it was long overdue and both K and I felt sheepish about putting it on the curb. What would people think of us?

Today’s weather term is warm-layer sandwich. This refers to fluctuating temperatures — cold, warm, cold. Around here that’s resulted in snow, rain, and now sleet. I’ve stayed indoors all day.

In other news, I’m apparently a genius.

WordPress might beg to differ. I got help weeks back with empty picture frames on old posts. There was no cause that I could decipher on my end. They fixed one post — the mice tutorial. But I’ve since gone on to discover whole batches of missing pix. Some I fixed, but it hardly seems worth it. That’s a giant UGH.

Meanwhile I’m rather proud to announce that I figured out how to type an open apostrophe. The fact that I happed upon it accidentally makes it more not less amazing.

Tina made this. Love!

Lastly, I’m reading novels that can possibly serve as comparables in my query letter. More on that another time.