History happening.

The voice on this guy!

This show of solidarity.

And then there’s Chef Andres, feeding people along the border.

And meanwhile, Andrea Chalupa and Michael McFaul just appeared on MSNBC and uttered cautions about getting caught up in the energetic bravery of Ukraine’s people and the show of solidarity throughout the world. Putin means business, they say. Chalupa worries about genocide.

More locally I can report that it’s 19 degrees here but sunny, so K, Finn, and I enjoyed our walk.

And now it’s time to walk away from the screens.

9 thoughts on “History happening.

  1. Martha Schley Thayer

    Dee, you have it exactly right. My reading of situation from whom I am following. This is not
    a six-day war. This is a long term adjustment to a new reality. Putin is believer in what he believes and has no one to push back on his desire/will/determination to have what he wants. Thrilling to Uikranian push back is a yes to be tempered by dispassion that war can have consequences far beyond our imagination and hopes.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I read that Ukraine has asked for expedited admission to NATO. Don’t know if true and if true, how that’d work, but that would change everything.

  2. Marti

    Que Viva esperanza (long live hope) through a heartfelt song and the open heart of a chef:

    Jose Andres and his team not wanting to let the people of Ukraine down: intending to feed the refuges as they come to the various border countries then the phase of moving into Ukraine, when peace is at hand, to feed the citizens,,,he always speaks of his humble help, a plate of food, but it is everything and I have been moved so many years by his global humanity. His depth of emotion and caring for the refugees, who even in the midst of brutal cold and reality, arrive with a smile…Jose has always been one of my long time heroes. He fits right in with the heroic people of Ukraine.

    Thank you Dee for showing his report..

  3. Liz A

    I tore strips of blue and yellow linen … folded and stitched them down the middle … to pin on when I go out in the world … a small thing, along with a donation to World Central Kitchen … being a very small part of “history happening”


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