Dream, sulk, and gratitude

Side-by-side photo overlay: AfricanArchives,
Instagram. “Which Legacy” Part II

I woke hearing this in my head: “Twelve articles and you don’t mention Thomas Jefferson once!”

It’s Sunday morning and Sunday mornings have just not been the same since I discovered I could do the New York Times crossword puzzle online on Saturday evenings. The Globe puzzle is meh.

Grateful for gift-bearing friends

A kind of discouraging passage. Maybe I’m still in it? Sources of funk are — part book prospects (not good), part old, old feelings of not mattering, part overwhelm at trying to wrangle some order with all my fabrics.

Grateful for collage — paper and otherwise

It is a gorgeous day and the yard is beautiful and we will spend a good amount of the day enjoying it. Here are some more gratitude shots.

Marti! Im grateful for online friendships which are just like (and sometimes better than) in-person friendships.
Grateful for Teva sandals and rogue ferns
Grateful I still have something to say
Grateful for exercises in color and pattern that don’t try to say anything other than, “Look at me.”
Believe it or not, I’m incredibly grateful for Alexander McQueen’s ongoing legacy
Food. There’s always food to be grateful for!
And this guy!
Tools among the clutter. More things that I’ve made. Things I use.

“See? Was that so hard?” she asks herself. I feel better for the gratitude exercise. Of course I do!

What are you grateful for this weekend?