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Shadows and light

On Dog Walk #1, I listened to The Daily podcast and heard about the proper, sensible approach to the pandemic: the Hammer and the Dance. The Hammer is the lock down. The Dance is the gradual opening in controlled ways.

Discouraging in and of itself and also discouraging in that a sensible approach isn’t possible with this president.

And then there’s the ongoing federal heists of PPE taking place on tarmacs. These thefts have been called ‘mafia style politics’ and compared to Soviet-style corruption It’s way worse than the federal government leaving the states on their own and not helping. It’s way worse than price gouging and outbidding the states. It’s out and out theft of supplies that the states have sourced and paid for.

This article makes me think we need a word beyond “OUTRAGEOUS:” New York Magazine.

On lighter notes:

I’ll be posting another Pantry Soup tomorrow. Also, I determined that a huge piece of lavender linen that my cousin, Ginny Mallon, sent me will make a fine robe. To follow along with Jude.

And finally, I finished all 55 masks that I’d committed to making. Plus three for next door neighbors totaling 58.

What you need

I have trouble remembering the prompts from Acey’s posts even after re-reading them. That’s a tell that I’m being challenged.

What would I want a care package to deliver?

The above collage was one response. Support for my writing, structure, a feedback loop of encouragement, praise, even. Success would be nice!

But the first thing that came to mind is how badly I want this world to have a future. That’s what those three polar bears symbolize: us having a future.

Ram Dass’s recent passing reminded me of a time I heard him speak at Omega Institute. He shared the stage with Marilyn Ferguson, who called herself a visionary Christian. The topic was the sustainability of human life. She advocated for passionate engagement to ensure our survival (and this was in the 80’s!). But Ram Dass sat there so alive, so fully in himself and asked, “why should I be invested in our survival? In one result over another?”

Lastly, here’s a response to a prompt in this morning’s writing class (“the slightest clue can give us away”):

Who says time is an illusion? Time is a beggar, banging on my door. Time is a thief, already past the alarms, helping herself to my almonds and honey. Time is a slut, prostituting herself for just a little more indolence. Time wears a bear mask one day, a griffin face the next, and comes as Snow White for the weekend.

Dog walk in pix

With a special eye to the trees (after reading Mo’s recent post).

A series of violent thunderstorms barreled through the region yesterday, It feels like we survived something. Now the air clogs with humidity such that I can almost see steam rising off the sidewalks. Gonna make do with fans for as long as I can stand.

Later: do you see Finn in the shade?