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Blog Action Day 2009 – Climate Change


I am participating in Blog Action Day today.  It is in its third year & promising to reach millions of people connected through social networks.

The list below comes from the Blog Action Day website.

More Ways to Get Involved

  1. Sign the Tck Tck Tck campaign’s “I am ready” pledge supporting an ambitious, fair and binding climate agreement in Copenhagen this fall: tcktcktck.org/people/i-am-ready
  2. Register for the 350.org International Day of Climate Action October 24: www.350.org
  3. Join the UK Government’s “Act on Copenhagen” effort to promote a global deal on climate change: www.actoncopenhagen.decc.gov.uk/en
  4. Learn and act with The Nature Conservancy’s Planet Change site: change.nature.org
  5. Watch and help promote Current TV’s green-themed video journalism at: current.com/green
  6. Support strong climate legislation in the US by making calls to your Senators with 1Sky: www.1sky.org/call
  7. Put yourself on the Vote Earth map and upload your photos, pictures and weblinks to show the world future you want to see: www.earthhour.org/home
  8. Put yourself on the Vote Earth map and upload your photos, pictures and weblinks to show the world future you want to see: www.earthhour.org/home
  9. Join the Greenpeace cool IT challenge campaign to turn IT industry leaders into climate advocates and solution providers: www.greenpeace.org/international/campaigns/climate-change/cool-it-challenge
  10. Add your personal story and tell the world what you will miss the most when you lose it to climate change with the United Nations Foundation Climate Board: www.unfoundation.org/global-issues/climate-and-energy/its-getting-personal
  11. Find the latest and most popular climate change actions online at globalwarming.change.org
  12. Join the Causecast community and find new ways to get involved with organizations working to end climate change. Watch videos, read news and support one of the many environmental nonprofits on Causcast. www.causecast.org/environment
  13. Post to your blog or Twitter account about the impact of climate change on the world’s poorest, and then take action with Oxfam International: www.oxfam.org.uk/climate

Also, check out what Mother Jones is up to!

Special Feature in Their Latest Issue: Make Your Own Climate Cover!

“For the upcoming issue of Mother Jones, we printed four different covers, featuring four different kids, to dramatize the point that if we don’t deal with the climate crisis now, our children will be the ones to pay the price.

Now it’s your turn. Next week, on the eve of International Climate Action Day, we’ll launch an app that lets you put your kid (or your pet, or yourself!) on a MoJo cover with a customized message, and send the image to your friends, your members of Congress, your president. ”

Lastly, I include a few shots of
two of my Global Warming quilts in progress.





The top layout morphed into something much bigger and more complicated and is on my floor being pieced right now.  The tabletop quilt has been pieced, but the issue of how to render the polar bears unresolved.  I actually can’t find the quilt top right now, which says a lot about the state of my studio and my mind, but that’s another post altogether!