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Show and news

First, a thread rendering of Bob Hewitt with a quote from paper (and one artistic modification).  I have ranted about him before.  This’d make a great “Oh Really?!!” segment on SNL.  I can just hear Seth Meyers’ voice:  “Oh Really, Bob, YOU want to forget the whole thing?!!!  You screw underage girls, scarring them for life, and YOU want to forget about it?!!  Really?!!!”  (The Boston Globe, May 21, 2012).

Second, some shots from Newton Open Studios.  One of the positive aspects of doing a show that isn’t hugely busy (and this was far from hugely busy) is that I can sew… for hours.  And, I did.


Lastly, two self-portraits. This one, taken moments ago, makes me wonder, “When did I turn into my mother?!!”

And this one, taken accidentally, in some ways is a better portrait (surprise, surprise).