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First ‘Script Quilt’ in 2010

I ‘wrote’ on the woven Journal Pages by couching cotton threads on top in cursive-like loops.  Sometimes, I stitched with ecru thread, other times, red.

I fiddled with the sides by folding over the bottom floral — which I had placed right-side up, so as to have the more subtle wrong-side showing when folded over.  On the left, though, I inserted a strip from another upholstery sample in order to pick up some of the warm tones of the sharpie and to define the edge a little more.

After the couching, I gessoed the piece, wrote on it with pen and pencil, and hand-stitched a few micro-bits of fabric.  Then, I  applied quite a lot of machine quilting in a basic grid, mostly, sometimes in a jagged, frantic tight mess, to look like another ‘woven’ strip.

I kept a lot of the quilted thread tails on, stitched them to the surface for some added ‘writing’.

Finally, I brushed some pigment (Pearl Ex super bronze by Jacquard) mixed with ModPodge lustre lightly over some areas and a little less lightly in others, mostly to give added dimension to some of the couched threads.

It’s almost done, I think.  Not sure if I’ll do anything to further finish top and bottom edges.  Maybe.

Purposefully, about the size of a piece of paper.

Many directions suggested by this initial 2010 Script Quilt — some suggested by talented readers.  Thank you for the ideas… can’t wait to explore more!

And, now, back to the BIG PIECE which keeps getting BIGGER,

bottom half of the top third?!!!

and to Danny, who feels punky today.