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circle goes ’round

peepeeDan and I Just buried PeePee in the backyard. Here she is before she got sick.

She was a sweet cat, superbly cared for by my sister for many years.  In 2009 and 2010 when my sister was in the hospital and later, rehab, PeePee lived with us for about a year. She particularly liked my husband. We put a hosta on top and some coral bells.
Earlier today, I took Nor to the local animal shelter, where she fell in love with a little female named, of all things, Nora. It was the same shelter where we found our Jack, so he was on my mind today. My sister and Nora are up in Salem getting acquainted.

Traffic was horrendous again this run. I am going to go upstairs and take a hot bath with some Mother’s Day bath salts. It looks like rain.

“but there’s no living thing…”*

possible inhabitant

This house has a personality, but I want it to have some living creatures associated with it. The seams on the roof please me. The door needs a doorknob.

What could go in this house? I need more patience.

Maybe I’ll name this cat, “Patience”, and let her be the guardian of the place.

*that’s what D said when I showed him the almost-finished Village Quilt I’d made for his bed. I added some cats.

Cool Cat Commission

This commission was made for a neighbor to give in gratitude to a bass-playing, Qigong instructor.  I was told to give him a cigar, glasses, and to make him cool.  Here’s his picture:

Jon Voight, Qigong instructor, bass player

Cool Cat with Cigar

It took three tries (first one was too feminine, second one looked like a “black dude with a tail” (it had no ears)), but it was worth it, I think.

If you’re interested in Jon Voight or Qigong in the Boston area, you can find more here:   art-energy.org.