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Boston Strong – journey of a quilt

I was working on this quilt when the Marathon Bombs went off.

Here’s a slideshow of its making (it’s 3 minutes) – Boston Strong Now II

As my regular readers know, my husband, younger son, and I were touring CU/Boulder at the time. It was snowing very hard. This inspired me to fill the pathways spooling below the houses with white.      At some point, the quilt was exposed to moisture, and some of the color of the red wool challis bled into the sidewalks. While before it had been a quilt that occupied my lap while hearing the awful news, now it was itself visually linked to the event.

For once I’m glad it took me so long to finish a quilt because it let me come ’round to seeing that the primary message here is one of hope. The little scene speaks to community:  our paths cross each others’ paths; our homes touch each others’ homes; a single moon guides each and every one of us.

It helped that the Red Sox finished the season so triumphantly!

poppy comin’ along

This is hanging off the tablecloth in the dining room. A new way to view.

But the real experiment here is ‘sharing’. Keeping it simple… can I find a better way?!!

Shared this photo directly from PSE11 gallery into flickr and now blogging directly from flickr….

Normally, would open PSE organizer, edit, (mostly to re-size) and then save compressed image to a folder (that I now have to triple click and scroll to get to (thank you update!)), THEN go to wordpress and upload image twice (thank you update there, too!! because wordpress recently added an additional step to insert image).

So, does this work?!! Even with a quick edit from wordpress, this is a boatload easier!

dog and cat

Jack looking dashing back in April

Jack today

kitty made of recycle pant material – frayed too much!

doorknob makes for feeling of welcome

Scratch disks are full, or I might have cropped out the shadow of my head (above).

But such things are minor in light of a visit (the fourth in three weeks) to the vet with Jack. I will know just how bad the news is tomorrow or the next day, but it appears that he has cancer.