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Support can be jerry-rigged. Improvisational.

Look at the care taken to uphold this old, semi-rotted fence post.

The question about what will uphold our institutions is never far from our minds these days. What nail? What piece of twine?

An election? Even one tampered with, not just from within but externally, too?

The level of excitement at the first day of early voting at City Hall here in a suburb of Boston was palpable. No place to park. Seven people handing out ballots. A camera crew out front.

Bernie supporter in my Indivisible group: Bernie is being unfairly treated as unelectable.

Me: Bernie is unfairly being treated as a juggernaut.

Debates tonight. Let’s hope Steyer isn’t the punching bag

I hate to say it, but some days I feel like that fence post.