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The best surprises

Imagine my surprise when last weekend at Open Studios this young man introduced himself as “Nancy Erisman’s son”. I yelped. It was ever so brief but such a lovely meeting — almost as good as I imagine meeting Nancy herself would be. He bought a little window cloth for his mother and requested that I stay mum for a least a week while he arranged delivery of the gift. It was tough!

Well — quiet no more! Happy belated birthday Nancy! Maybe next time, it WILL be you.

This finger points to a face in the sky, courtesy of Michelle. I love the doodle and keep it near my calendar.

Also a while back, one of Saskia’s exquisite pillows arrived in the mail. ‘Pillow’ seems the wrong word because it’s a work of art, really.

Over a period of a year, I had squirreled away a number of miniatures along with a blue jay skull that I had buried with the intention of sending to her. They were objects that seemed to belong in her Dwelling, but I only half believed I’d ever actually ship them to Holland. When I finally did, that was reward enough. I didn’t expect to receive such a beautiful gift back.

ALSo! I have just received one more incredible gift (from Australia this time). I haven’t photographed it yet, however, so it’ll have to remain a mystery for a little longer.

K is muttering through the last of our taxes. It’s been snowing off and on all day, much to our dismay. It doesn’t look like the weather will be all that great for the Boston Marathon tomorrow.

If it’d been warmer, I might have bought pansies this afternoon. Instead, I took K out to lunch. We sat next to the open kitchen, so I could look over at the fires. As I gazed at the flames, or more specifically, at the prism created by the flames in the beveled edge of the glass partition, one of the long answers to a Globe crossword puzzle clue came to me (it had to do with prisms and rainbows). I love it when that happens.

And now to build what I hope will be the last fire of the season.

And the winner is

And the winner is: Michelle! The scraps have already gone in the mail. It’s nice to send something back to Michelle given that she mailed me this delightful print not so long ago.

We got about four inches of snow yesterday, followed by rain, which made today’s walk treacherous. But! We are definitely at the time of year when you can begin to notice the lengthening of the days.

I reviewed a manuscript over a delicious lunch with a friend today. Such a nice way to do it. Not only because her memoir features a lot of personal loss, but because it’s a such an immediate and tangible thanks. I’ll have to remember that. Take your readers to lunch!

Tomorrow is my birthday. That’s me on the left. Nana Mallon in the middle. My sister on the right. I think it might’ve been the weekend of my First Communion. I can’t remember what was happening at the moment this picture was taken (it looks like Nana is pinching me? playfully, but perhaps a little too hard?), but I do remember her cautioning us against eating jelly donuts outside because the bees visiting the red tulips in the foundation beds might fly right down our throats. (Posted previously 8/16. Having trouble grabbing the link).

And after that snippet, who doesn’t need a little fairy tale? Isn’t she lovely?It’s from “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” by Mercer Mayer. I just searched (and searched) for and couldn’t find the illustrator. Does anyone know?