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sneak peak and light

Here she is without body or hair yet – stay tuned! She is actually finished, just in need of a photo.

Do you think she looks worried or amused — or something else?  And what about names – I’m thinking about Greta or Elyana.

Could her look be a reaction to the falling away of the season, I wonder…. look how autumnal the light is on our dining room wall!
I love fall.  Do you?

Cloth like glass

Auditioning a new Journal Quilt (called “I Want Snow”) on a bedroom curtain got me thinking (or rather, ‘seeing’)…

about how the light passing through the three to four layers of silk, rayon, or cotton, muslin-backing, and lo-loft batting made the layers take on the quality of glass…

and about what it would be like to design ‘window quilts’ instead of ‘wall quilts’.