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“Whenever you feel overwhelmed… “

Practice gratitude whenever you feel overwhelmed…. ” Caroline Myss

Well, now, then. Last week, then. The weekend before last… and the one before that. The summer is tumbling by in a blur of obligations, interventions, and work. Indoors time — I’m not used to so much of it. Structured time — I’m not used to so much of that either.  Many changes here.

So, here’s a quick list of things I’m grateful for —

  • time to have worked on this piece for just a little while today. and a sense that perhaps it is inching toward resolution.
  • a cleaned up house on account of company
  • digital images, digital cameras, near-instant gratification of images
  • a new journal arriving in the mail for the Sketchbook project
  • dinner out, featuring tofu, eggplants and Chinese greens I don’t know the name of
  • boys home
  • a home
  • Dexter
  • chocolate

  • Catalpa leaves approaching dinner-plate size
  • the lake vacation to look forward to
  • things growing in my absence

  • making a quilt for a wounded child, knowing I am on the other side of most of that

Longer Nights

How nice to go to sleep by 10:00 and wake at 5:30 a.m., refreshed.
How nice to whip up a batch of potato leek soup that is comforting, delicious and contains not an ounce of cream.
How nice to have a pile of new socks to choose from in the morning.
How nice to be invited elsewhere for Thanksgiving.
How wonderful to have enough inventory for December sales to not be scrambling.
Look at the 11 bins of leaves on the curb that I did nothing to produce!
Listen to the sounds of a quiet morning — the hum of this machine, the deeper hum of the dishwasher, and nothing else.  Ahhhhhhhhh.