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And there were rays

 Happy Easter or Passover! We just had a delicious roast chicken up in Salem with my sister. The wind was cold and blustery earlier, when I took Finn to the Upper Field, but the snow drops have emerged on the south side of the house and most of the snow out back is gone. For the holiday, I treated myself to daffodils and some potted hyacinth. Now, to finish the celebration — a little chocolate!

blossoms transformed – or, Jack’s gift to me II

One of Jack’s parting gifts to us is the transformation of our hydrangea. It took me a while to figure this one out.

Our bush normally produces white-bluish blossoms.

I had not tampered with the soil in any way.

During his decline, Jack started to bypass the two-steps down to the driveway, and to scoot through the garden instead. As he got more and more tired, he did his business closer and closer to the house.

Which eventually meant that he was peeing directing under the hydrangea.

And voila! Blue turned pink from the acidic urine, counteracting the base leaching from our foundation. I love that I can see the blossoms from my chair inside, and that I pass the plant every time I go in and out of the house.

With school starting (and it being the New Year for many neighbors), the day is very, very quiet. Most of the crews have packed up and gone elsewhere. Yahoo.