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rethinking beauty with parking lots and overpasses

IMG_3585Where does the time go? Snapping pictures as I am out and about helps me remember. Sometimes I am shocked at all the places I’ve been.
I love my quarter acre with its shaded perennial beds outside and light filtered through antique glass on the inside. But lately the impulse to post images from beyond this little yard has become stronger. Not so much to answer my question, “where has the time gone” as to expand my visual vocabulary.
Perhaps even to rearrange my sense of what’s beautiful.
A provocative and inspiring post over at Grace’s windthread blog, in part, promoted my taking this step more consciously.  That post is here and it includes her usual delicious mix of observation, reporting, and wisdom.  A comment Maggie made a little bit ago (about me and my quarter acre… ) is also influencing me here.

Here’s to the beauty of parking lots, tar squiggles, overpasses, stapled electrical wire, dashboards, and guardrails.

Or, better yet: here’s to finding beauty wherever we are.