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Good news

In spite of everything, there is still the vote. There’s no real evidence that gerrymandering or Russian attacks can thwart a major voter turnout.

We cannot expect Mueller to fix things. We cannot rely on impeachment. But we sure can vote.

Vote. Vote. Vote.

(That’s the gist of a Will Stenberg piece on FB this morning).

And protest. MoveOn has asked us to wear white on Saturday.

And now, major machinery is grinding at my neighbor’s so I’m heading into the Center for breakfast.

Protest sustenance

Seven encouraging minutes by Dr. Glenda Russell that are worthwhile and, believe it or not, funny.

“Don’t cultivate anger, direct it.”

“I cannot help but feel some measure of anger. I must deal with that anger.
I don’t want to wrestle it to the ground. I want to harness it.” Charles M. Blow

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” MLK, Jr.

Don’t give your power to those who would do you harm. Focus on your allies.

Sleep enough, eat well, and limit your exposure to depressive media.

Because so many groups are being attacked simultaneously, “the potential for mass mobilization and coalition building is greater than it’s ever been in my lifetime.”

Frederick Douglass: ‘The end of the Republic begins when the heroism of the struggle for equality yields to the cowardice of resentment.’

Jill Lepore: “What could possibly be more important, more meaningful, or more fun, than making this election the basis for renewing the struggle for justice, equity, and peace.”