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Platinum sky

IMG_6572.JPGWondered as I took this picture what a House Series would look like if most of the house was out of the frame.

Capturing this little boy on his bike created a story. Where is he going? Is he cold (I was)? Who is protecting him?

And later, still with the idea of protection, I thought about Imagemaking as a form of Prayer. Not Artist-as-Channel, where any creation made in the zone (i.e. connected to holy source) makes the Making a form of prayer. But rather imagemaking as prayer for someone, the way a Unity Church group, for example, might pray for someone. Below combines at least 3 images.


Here is a conceptual nine patch. It is about all I have time for now.
I am intrigued by how radically an image can be altered, just by changing how  much light gets in.
This little landscape moves from left to right in installments like a comic book.  I like finding the mountains, lakes, and moons in the fabrics. I like including time as an element in the story of the cloth.




front yard

back fence

I am in and out of town one more time — so blogging will be more intermittent than usual until after Labor Day. Enjoy the last days of summer!

Bird Woman: Power in Completion

In these quiet weeks, I am finding it hard to come back to the screen.  This screen, specifically.  Is it because the space where my knees sit is freezing cold?  (My hands are freezing right now, too) Or, because a pause midwinter makes sense from 1,000 perspectives? Or, maybe I have nothing to say (when has that stopped me before, you ask?!!).

An unexpected benefit to my neglect here, has been getting into a rhythm of finishing work.  Ironically, I had signed up to do a spring show and was DREADING the prospect of spending a season ONLY finishing things, but the moment I decided (for a host of reasons) NOT to participate, the finishing seemed to want to happen.   I have to ask myself:  WHY am I capitalizing words as if I am writing an article about the THRILL of orgasm for COSMO?!!  No.  Seriously, what is my deal about finishing?

Once Upon a Time, Bird Woman was born.  She emerged from scraps of embellished linen and pieces of a hideous 1970’s jacket, and some sequins that my cousin sent me at the time.  I put a small island of Victorian sequined black silk below her feet (that came from a friend for my birthday one year).  I made her wingtips look like flames, to make her a powerful bird.  I blanket stitched a full moon over one wing and she got even more powerful.  For her general environment, this creature was lucky enough to get one of the many woven cloths that I made during a Jude Hill class (it might be two combined, actually).  Then she went into hiding again.  I wondered where she was for awhile but I didn’t look for her.  She resurfaced, got some more stitching, then disappeared again.  I found her about two weeks ago, and now, apparently she is ready to be given a little more starry sky above her head, and some edges.

The blue silk  frayed like mad.  The NEXT time I used silk for a background, by the way, I ran a line of machine stitching along the side prone to giving off its threads.  The lost cloth here created a bit of a challenge – but not too bad.  Mostly, I was sorry to see so much of that Noxzema blue go.  After trimming the batting off, I auditioned backgrounds, with the idea that I would put the whole thing onto another cloth.
I looked at these selections starting with upper left and going clockwise.  The purple velvet was nice, but I liked the burnt orange of my slippers (just visible on the frame’s edges) better.  The green and whites both fell completely flat.  But, orange?  Why, yes.  It makes the Bird Woman sing!  How can a single infusion of color do that?!!  But it does.  Orange makes Bird Woman sing!Here you can see how I applied some tiny seed stitches and “X’s” to approximate stars.  The upper edge slanted precipitously downward, and since I was loathe to lose anymore of that rich, blue silk, I tucked a kind of corny cotton printed with a night sky.  I will tuck something else on the left side to complete that edge.

This will be carefully stretched a bit before mounting onto its backing (which of course I had to piece because the orange swatch was not wide enough).   Stay tuned for the finished piece!!

What is your style of finishing a piece?  Do you run to it, with eager anticipation for the satisfaction of a job well-done? Or, do you resist? If you resist, how do you work with your resistance?

welcome change; welcome home

For a week, we were one of those families – you know the ones – the families that take vacations, spend money, have fun.

The skies in Colorado were the most glorious blue, all except for the second day, when it snowed, alas, only a little.  The powder disappointed – not up to the Rocky’s standards at all.  But, ooooooooooh the space!!  Yes, the room to maneuver and general lack of iciness made the skiing still very superior to that possible on New England slopes (especially THIS year).

The view from our balcony.

At MidVail, hot dogs cost $10.75.  Thankfully, courtesy my brother and the company he works for, we were comped almost everything… room, ski tickets, parking for the week, internet access, movies charged to the room.  And, K’s multiple trips to Asia meant we had frequent flier miles to spend and ‘premium access’ – no charge for extra bags, for one thing – and hallelujah, because we had TEN bags to check (four helmets and four pairs of ski boots take up quite a bit of room!)  It still feels like we spent a fortune, but truly, we didn’t.

I sewed a little.  Drew a little.  Read a little.  Skied two days (half days, really – it was all my legs could take).  Really enjoyed myself.  Everyone did.

My hearts look so rag-tag.  I am doing my full-out best not to compare them to anyone else’s hearts.  They are mine, dammit!  Ragged, messy, scarred-up looking, and mine.  I really like the few sketches I made, though —  I’ll post a couple more tomorrow.

This week promises to be busy.  Will continue with Jude Hill‘s Whispering Hearts class, along with a million other things that have to get done (three doctor’s appts – mine and other’s; thank you gifts to mail; fridge stink to rout out; high school follow up; class to prep for; laundry; piles to sort and put away; food to procure and prep; Newton Open Studios countdown to organize; printer to purchase; quilts to continue on and finish; felt house order to fill; commission email to happily respond to).  eek!!!  Right now, I better just get to bed.


P.S. the slipper link was added to that post if you were wanting the pattern.

Looking at the sky

The sky was distracting and overly busy, and rather than cover it up, I removed it.

I had wandered around my bins a bunch of times before finding the grey cotton, which I consider to be perfect.

The sharp line along the bottom edge of an arlee barr swatch kept grabbing my eye in a bad way… and so, even though my intention was to keep as much of the swatch visible as possible, I added a “tatter” from Deb Lacativa to bring some of the dark of the midsection down and to slightly interrupt that otherwise distracting line.

A still life from my sister’s mantel. 

And, more stars and reflections from Salem on Christmas day.  What wish would I wish upon a star tonight?  The first day of 2012?

One of the New Year urges I am feeling that is relevant here, is the desire to write juicier shit on this blog.  I find the reporting that I stick to in order not to make myself wildly vulnerable, boring, to be frank.  It is tough to be soulful enough, consistent enough, productive enough, or funny enough about my stitching work to add the kind of verve and zest that make a blog worth visiting.  So, how to do? Any ideas?

One idea is to abandon my strict policy of not including quotes from my large library of inspired writers, out of copyright diligence.  Who cares?  Does anybody check?  It’s not like I’m about to be ‘discovered’ and therefore have to be original across the board… Thoughts?

Another idea is to devote a day a week to a post of non-craft writing… I could groom one piece of writing per week to share here.  Things like character sketches, pages from the journals I kept for the boys as babies, writing that comes out of writing prompts (right now I’m ticking through the prompts on creativewritingprompts.com) or my Thursday writing class.  I’m conflicted about this because when I see too much text on a craft blog, I skip away.  But maybe others are different? And, if this energizes ME, and ONE OTHER person, does it matter if it is being offered to an audience primarily interested in pictures?