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spring light

The spring light flooded our family room late this afternoon.  I don’t remember it ever being lit up like this before.  By the time I got my camera out, it was the shadows that interested me, so I haven’t captured the golden warm moment at all, really.  I share the photo of our kitchen TV and dinner clutter only because it DOES capture the light a bit better.

When I look at this picture and I don’t think, “Gee, cool, there I am in the reflection.”  No, I think, “Why was that light on?!”

Soon, our neighbor’s 200 year old copper beech will leaf out, and the light will be dappled and less intense (and that’s nice too).

With the poppy pillow commission finished, I can finally get back to my big-big quilt.

Recycled shirts and tiny pieces of Most Favored Fabrics (like a trading status!) are turning into huts and villages, here and there.

I took so much time to piece these big sections, that it would be a shame if I hid all the evidence of that work (i.e., the SEAMS), but that is the temptation right now…

That blue spade fabric (a roof of rain?) is cotton that K. brought back from India last month.  It was hard to cut, because it was such soft cotton, but cut I did. It is one of many fabrics that translates into “RAIN” in this piece.

Journal Quilt — Worm Moon

14" x 21"

I found about the Worm Moon on one of my favorite blogs — that of Elspeth Thompson.  It is the Full Moon associated with the stirring of the soil and this year occurred on March 11.  While it continues to be in the 30’s in the morning here (in fact, there was frost in the Upper Field when Jack and I walked at 8:00), the earth is definitely warming up!

This lace came from my mother’s collection, gathered back when she was designing and creating one-of-a-kind wedding gowns that incorporated antique textiles.  I have left the hooks on.

busy 'underground'

The lower section is covered with tulle to hold all the little chips of fabric in place during quilting.  All the lines and swirls are meant to depict the busy work of microbes and worms, all happening out of sight and below the surface.

This journal quilt will get some more hand-quilting and will be bound.  Of course, that takes it into several weeks beyond “its” week, but so be it!