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Late Feb Mosaic

1. Slip stitch pattern, prior to blocking, 2. travellers palm, 3. hairpin banksia, 4. JunkerJane Textile Art, 5. objectart 1/ emotion, 6. detail 3, 7. painted wall sign, 8. journey cloth_15, 9. Sleepers, Awake (detail), 10. Yawn… Maddie and Harry…, 11. Blue angel, 12. School Days, 13. Jane Austen – structural experiments – detail, 14. Synthesis #21, 15. Books, 16. Alger. Casbah, 17. Blown up., 18. House nestled in Vineyard, Fall Nature in Germany, 19. The Flying dog – The strange case of the dog who jumped over his shadow, 20. Work Quilt #3 – Detail

Grey Sunday outside of Boston has me choosing a mix of hot oranges and cool blues…. enjoy.

Canada’s hockey team just scored again — I’d better go watch!

ask a child about COLOR

quilt designed by third grader

My experience with children and color is that they will knock your socks off with their choices.

I have also noticed that even children with absolutely NO experience with fiber, fabric or sewing have a great nose for the BEST fabrics (another reason not to set foot in JoAnn’s again).

This quilt was designed by an 8 or 9 year old.  She laid it out.  I pieced, quilted, and bound it.  She won the collaboration and quilt in a fundraiser for her school.