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Opening in the center

20140703-235254-85974225.jpgFirst, a rectangle. Then, a turtle born from its center. A long idle period ensued.
The center opened up (thanks for the idea, Jude).  And I got to work.
“The Paradise” entertained me (BBC period drama).  It is what “Selfridge’s” might have been had it been any good.  My husband figured out that we could keep the air on downstairs without risking a flow of water through the mudroom’s light fixture. This was a great relief.

I could live with the ‘having to take two warps at a time’ mistake (seen above).  In part, because it reminded me of spider parables cautioning against arrogance and the middle eastern rug-making practice of purposely allowing imperfection so as not to offend the gods.
But, when I took the piece out of the hoop, a faulty tension revealed itself:  oh such major lumps!! This is imperfection of a different order. The spoiling kind.  I couldn’t find my spray bottle (it’s been missing so long now I have to assume the leprechauns took it), so damp-stretching was not an immediate option. The attempt to stabilize with machine stitch was quickly abandoned.

Since some of us are headed to the Rocky Mountains today, it will have to wait.
Laundry got done in town. This beast gobbled up 23 quarters!!!  K. has disassembled our machine, watched YouTube repair videos, and ordered parts. Probably will save us $900.
Last night, the studio received its ‘flood preparation pick up’.  All items on floor are housed in plastic bins — no paper, no baskets, no leather or wood. Rugs up. Foot pedal up. I hope this will have been an unnecessary precaution.
Spotty check ins for a bit. My password for WP is not working on my phone this morning for some completely opaque reason, so we shall see.


catch up

woven exercise from Jude Hill class made into ornament

wool, cotton, and silk fabrics for this one

cupcakes and tea pots lining the windowsill

I had fun stitching the snowflakes

this one hails from Montreal

tabs have since been finished

turtle rolled and ready to ship

niece’s choral group – Handel & Haydn Society from yesterday

I’ve been on a tear making cloth trees.  Next up?  A few aprons.  I am looking forward to a Cookie Swap this Friday, to C. coming home next week, Christmas, a couple more festive gatherings, and, at the end of the month (oh I can’t wait) – my second cortisone shot for right thumb.  Hard to do some of the basics lately.  Fortunately, can still sew.

Tomorrow is a doctor run with my sister.

The Tortoise and the Hare

Yesterday was the last Improv Quilting class until September. It is nice to feel the approach of summer, and a different pace and set of concerns on the horizon, and it was hard to say goodbye. I will miss the weekly dialogue about cloth, along with the more personal notes about trips, children, grandchildren, former occupations, and so much more.

And, the house will miss the weekly call to clean up. In a fit of pre-class kitchen clean up, I bleached the strings to our Roman blinds — and look at the result!! I have been meaning to do this for ages. It is ALWAYS satisfying to do something you’ve been meaning to do for ages.

I am signed up for three online classes this spring, which will very much mark the turning toward summer. So excited. Karen Ruane (Contemporary Embroidery), Glennis Dolce (blog – “Shibori Girl”; class – Indigo Dyeing), and Jude Hill (blog – “Spirit Cloth”; class – Contemporary Boro). Pretty great, right?

Here is a turtle cloth that I made yesterday.  It was to practice needle-turned applique, which I used for the critter’s feet, head, and tail.  I used a cloth weaving from another Jude Hill class as the shell.  This was a first in many ways.  I used Jude’s method of invisible basting prior to attaching the turtle.  I cannot believe the difference it made in terms of stabilizing the layers and making it POSSIBLE to enjoy the subsequent handwork.  I may be slow, says the turtle, but I’ll get there.

The dark green was a little too dark on the red, so I lightened it with a white oil pastel.  I’m not 100% happy with that result, but it’s better than the untouched green.

I may be slow, but I’ll get there!

(It wasn’t until re-titling this post that I noticed the rabbit above!)

Sanctuary IV — Steve Irwin Tribute Quilt

Busy day. Photographing quilts. A new nail makes this wall of brick a possible site for pictures. I have to wait till the morning sun has gone.

This quilt was made in 2006 after the sudden death of Steve Irwin, better known as the Crocodile Hunter. With young boys in the house, we of course had enjoyed his enthusiastic interactions with animals.

I have made several quilts in the Sanctuary series, most with a central house or door. In this one, the door represents the opening into the mystery of death. The color, to my eye anyway, suggests comfort, coolness, reprieve — sanctuary.

Fabric notes — the aqua palm on black, upper right, was cut from an incredibly well-made gathered 50’s style skirt. It was made in Indonesia. The purple shell spiral is batik and was the second purchase I ever made on ebay. The aqua-dotted print with orange sea creatures seemed especially appropriate for such a nature lover.